Mi Casa Grande - Su Casa Grande

Vision: Casa Grande DMO Tourism Office is part of the Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce that promotes Casa Grande as a destination of choice for visitors and residents seeking leisure and adventure.

Mission: Our mission is to steward experiences and attractions that strengthen our community and enhance our local economy.

Casa Grande is located within an hour’s drive from the Phoenix area to the north and the Tucson area to the south. It is the perfect, central spot to stay and play and enjoy the many unique attractions, venues and scenic vistas here and throughout Pinal County. This growing city is innovative, progressive and home to more than 60,000 full-time residents. The colorful 145-year history and pioneer spirit that shaped Casa Grande, still exists today in the friendliness and small-town appeal one experiences, whether here for a day or decades. 

During our many months of temperate weather especially, you can experience one or all of Casa Grande’s signature community events. Or, relax under sunlit blue skies, golf, hike, skydive or dine al fresco with friends at one of the many excellent restaurants. Combined with a no-snow forecast, residents and visitors alike can be as busy as they want to be!

History & Culture
  • Casa Grande, Arizona, was originally inhabited by the ancient Hohokam people, who left behind remarkable ruins showcasing their advanced agricultural techniques and social structure.
  • The city’s history includes the influence of Spanish settlers and various Native American tribes, contributing to its diverse and multicultural identity.
  • Casa Grande’s cultural heritage is preserved and celebrated through events, festivals, and museums, offering visitors a glimpse into its rich past and traditions.
  • Today, Casa Grande is a thriving city that balances its historical significance with modern developments, making it an appealing destination for tourists.
Local Culture & Traditions
  • Casa Grande, Arizona, embraces a mix of cultural influences, including Native American, Hispanic, and Western traditions, creating a vibrant and diverse local culture.
  • The city celebrates its heritage through various cultural events, festivals, and art exhibitions that showcase traditional crafts, music, dance, and culinary delights.
  • Traditional activities like rodeos and cowboy-themed events reflect the city’s deep connection to its Western roots and ranching history.
  • Community engagement in local events, support for artisans, and a sense of pride in their cultural heritage contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Casa Grande’s local culture.

Kick-off your day

Many of our visitors take advantage of our easy-to-navigate traffic, no-snow guarantee, and plenty of ways to enjoy our outdoor winter wonderland. Kick off your day with a walk or hike at Casa Grande Mountain, which has more than 17 miles of established and marked trails. Two trailheads and trails in varying degrees of difficulty. At its highest point, the mountain reaches an elevation of 2,538 ft. and provides unparalleled views of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys. Be sure to start your hike at the designated trailheads, which are well-marked, and follow the signage for the safest, most enjoyable experience. Take plenty of water and ample protection from the sun. Yes, even in the winter.

The City of Casa Grande is home to 19 parks, 17 miles of trails, and many sports fields and open spaces. Enjoy the fantastic winter weather, especially, to hike, play pickleball, skateboard, or meet friends to get your steps in. The parks provide the community with access to a number of year-round outdoor recreational opportunities.

Stroll through the award-winning Neon Sign Park. Explore the historical downtown commercial district of Casa Grande, or follow the new virtual tour on your phone, through the heart of Casa Grande’s hometown charm. Stop at some locally owned, unique restaurants whose delicious innovative dishes will have you coming back for more, maybe on the same day! The heart of Casa Grande celebrates the history of the city with residents and visitors at monthly Downtown After Dark events, live community theater, musical events, holiday events and the annual Casa Grande Street Fair & Car Show, on the third weekend in January.

Discover the Timeless Charm of Casa Grande

We encourage you to make Casa Grande your homebase. After you sightsee here and throughout the county, or in other cities, then return “home” to enjoy our wide variety of shopping and dining experiences, historic sites, golf, movies, events, museums, community theater, art, performances, recreational activities, concerts, agricultural tours of working farms, award-winning Neon Sign Park and unique historic downtown district.