Experience the Excitement of Pickleball in Casa Grande!

The history of Casa Grande Pickleball dates back to 2002 when a passionate RV traveler named Lawrence introduced the sport at Palm Creek Resort. Initially, there were only four tennis courts, but with growing interest in Pickleball, one of the courts was converted into a dedicated Pickleball court. However, the newfound popularity of the game came with some challenges, as the noise from the paddle hitting the plastic pickleball led to complaints from nearby residents and tennis players, even disrupting someone’s peaceful Sunday morning TV time. Despite these minor setbacks, the sport continued to gain momentum, and the demand for more courts soared. Today, Casa Grande boasts an impressive 42 pickleball courts, becoming a hub for enthusiasts and hosting exciting tournaments. Even our winter visitors have embraced this engaging sport wholeheartedly. So, if you’re looking to be part of Casa Grande’s vibrant pickleball community, come and experience the thrill of the game that has captured the hearts of many!

Where to Play Pickleball

Dave White Regional Park-Pickleball Courts

Discover the vibrant pickleball scene at Dave White Regional Park, boasting top-notch courts that invite players of all skill levels to engage in thrilling matches. With meticulously maintained facilities and a welcoming atmosphere, this park provides the perfect backdrop for pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport.

Casa Grande Community Recreation Center

Experience the excitement of pickleball at the Casa Grande Community Recreation Center, where state-of-the-art courts await players seeking energetic matches. Nestled within a dynamic recreational hub, these courts offer a fantastic setting for pickleball enthusiasts to engage in friendly competitions and hone their skills.

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